Uncle Billy


“The best part of my job is everything. The crew is my family and the homeowners we help our neighbours.”

If Mike is the heart of this operation, Billy’s its soul. As Mike’s uncle, Billy has been there every step of the way, teaching Mike good guys don’t finish last – they finish best. On any jobsite on any day Uncle Billy is the first one there, with his Winnebago to support Mike and the crew and help keep them going through the mayhem. Uncle Billy welcomes everyone like family and makes the crew feel like they’re home no matter where they go. He keeps them in line because he’s not just Mike’s uncle – he’s an uncle to everyone on the crew.


Home Town: Toronto

Years on the crew: 6

Career Highlight: Working with family

Did You Know?
Uncle Billy has “Keep Smiling” tattooed on his arm in Mike’s handwriting