Sherry Holmes

Canada\\\'s Sweetheart with a Nail Gun

“There’s plenty I want to try. You never really stop learning. I want to try everything at some point.”

Sherry proves looks are deceiving. She’s helping change the face of Canada’s skilled trades workforce, proving women can do just as good or better than any man working in the industry. Her attention to detail shows that there’s beauty in making it right, and her creative nature has helped her evolve into a tiling pro—surpassing other professionals working in the trade for years. Sherry pushes everyone to step up their game and when they do she plays nice. But if you cross her don’t expect a “girl” fight.


Home Town: Toronto

Trade: Tiling & Framing

Years working in the industry: 4

Years on the crew: 4

Career Highlight: Holmes in New Orleans project & High Park Rebuild

Did You Know?
Sherry is an avid traveller, bringing her inspiration back home and on the jobsite