Mike Holmes Jr.


 “I want to do it the right way and work my way up to the top with respect.”

Integrity isn’t just born – it’s bred. Junior is all grown up and making his dad proud, having inherited Mike’s dependability, honesty, loyalty and trust. Anyone else would think it’s intimidating being Mike Holmes’ son. But MJ’s keeping the Holmes legend alive and the ladies smiling, while putting in the man-hours and dedication to bring out the professional that’s in his blood. Over the years, Junior has developed a sincere passion for his work, managing to maintain a level head and a steady hand.


Home Town: Toronto

Trade: Carpenter Apprentice

Years working in the industry: 9

Years on the crew: 6

Career Highlight: Fence job in Season 5 of Holmes on Homes – first time working on the crew | View Episode >>

Did You Know?
MJ has volunteered at Toronto Fire Station #424 and played on his high school’s rugby team