Ventilation Blues


Episode Synopsis

Mike Holmes examines a recently renovated home where the problems on the surface are only the tip of the iceberg. Things sound like trouble starting with the furnace – but that’s only the beginning. When Mike and his crew start pulling up floors and tearing down walls they discover disaster after disaster, and nothing is leveling out. Sledgehammers to the kitchen floor compromised structure, cutting corners in the bathroom led to mould and there’s asbestos in the basement. These are just some of the problems Mike and his crew have to fix. But Mike sets his sights to make a wrong situation right.

Mike's Notes

Things happen when the cameras stop rolling. Get insider information and find out what Mike really has to say by reading his personal logs from the jobsite.

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Products & Trades

Only the best products and trades will do for every one of Mike's jobs - it always comes down to the details. Find out what the pros are using in this episode of Holmes Makes It Right.

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They say a picture's worth a thousand words. Sometimes it can say a lot more. Check out photo galleries featuring Behind The Scenes, Before & After's and Screen Grabs.

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Every project brings its own set of challenges. Mike covers a lot of ground and talks to a lot of pros to make it right. Learn more about some of the topics featured in this episode.

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