Title Fight


Episode Synopsis

Rocco and Stephanie thought they bought the house of their dreams. But all the lipstick and mascara was hiding a nightmare and the measures that were supposed to protect them failed. City inspectors approved the renovations made to their home and now they have to admit they didn’t do their job. There’s a baby on the way and no one’s budging so Mike steps forward to do what no one else will. Mike is speechless when he discovers the basement was finished over a crumbling foundation – and the problems keep piling up. But Mike settles this title fight by making it right and brings stability to this family’s home.

WEBISODE: Taking The Reins

Like father, like son. Mike passes the reins to MJ and gives him his first job as Site Supervisor. Watch the boy become the man to make it right.

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Products & Trades

Only the best products and trades will do for every one of Mike's jobs - it always comes down to the details. Find out what the pros are using in this episode of Holmes Makes It Right.

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They say a picture's worth a thousand words. Sometimes it can say a lot more. Check out photo galleries featuring Behind The Scenes, Before & After's and Screen Grabs.

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Every project brings its own set of challenges. Mike covers a lot of ground and talks to a lot of pros to make it right. Learn more about some of the topics featured in this episode.

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