Caught in a Trap: Part 2


Episode Synopsis

After Mike and his crew take on the challenge of rebuilding a home that was only inches away from being a complete demo, they start transforming what was once an open wound into an open-concept home. But it doesn’t come easy. Mike has already put in $114,000 in labour and repairs but the house still needs insulation, drywall, four bathrooms, a kitchen, two fireplaces plus all the electrical, plumbing and HVAC finished. Mike sends for reinforcements and brings in pro after pro to make sure he delivers a house that not only looks good on the surface but is built right from the ground up.

VIDEO: Under The Weather

In the last twelve years Mike has taken only two sick days. And it was during this job that he had to take his second one. With only one day to the big reveal Mike has no choice but to trust his crew to get the job done and make his vision a reality.

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Products & Trades

Only the best products and trades will do for every one of Mike's jobs - it always comes down to the details. Find out what the pros are using in this episode of Holmes Makes It Right.

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Mike's Notes

Things happen when the cameras stop rolling. Get insider information and find out what Mike really has to say by reading his personal logs from the jobsite.

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Related Articles

Every project brings its own set of challenges. Mike covers a lot of ground and talks to a lot of pros to make it right. Learn more about some of the topics featured in this episode.

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