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EP7091: Rock Bottom

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Walter and Adele spent a year planning their dream house- a custom home. What they ended up getting was a custom headache. On the top of their list was a cultured stone skirt around the base of the house, and one year after the install, the skirt was falling down. Mike Holmes summed up the situation- “Everyone who touched this house dropped the ball.” In this episode, we look at the pitfalls of building a custom home, and what can happen when no one will take responsibility for the work they do.

Contractors/Suppliers featured in EP7091: Rock Bottom

Chimney Service & Masonry Repair - AIM Chimney Sweep & Stove Shop

Garbage Removal - Alpine Environmental Disposal

Aluminum Work, Roofing - Better Contracting Services

Stone Supplier - Cultured Stone

Basement Renovations, Deck and Railing Installations - Cutting Edge Construction & Design

Electrical - Electrical Panel Seals - EPS Inc.

Masonry - Eurocrete Inc.

Painting Specialists - Lowe Painting

Safety Equipment Supply - MSA - Mine Safety Appliances Co.

HVAC Services - Northwood Heating & Air Conditioning Co. Ltd.