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Best of Holmes On Homes

EP01: Kitchen En-counters

Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular projects homeowners take on. But just because they’re popular doesn’t mean it’s easy to find the right pro for the job. Mike Holmes takes a look at sloppy kitchen renos and shows us why contractors who can’t take the heat, should stay out of the kitchen!

EP02: Great Pretenders

In this episode, Mike Holmes recalls some of the best examples of what happens when a contractor oversells and under delivers. From bargain basements to shaky foundations, these stories show what happens when you get less contractor than you paid for and what it takes to Make It Right®.

EP03: Hidden Dangers

What you can’t see can hurt you!  Sometimes it can hurt the most.  Mike Holmes recalls some of the most unexpected, even dangerous, surprises found hidden deep in the walls, floors and backyards in more than 100 episodes of Holmes on Homes. From mould, asbestos, insect infestation, and even abandoned oil tanks, Mike and his crew uncover it all.

EP04: Wreck Rooms

When dreams of a new rec room become the nightmare of a wrecked room...  This episode looks at some of the best of the worst basement reno nightmares and includes everything from leaky plumbing to bad structure and dangerous electrical. In Mike Holmes’ world, bad contractors make for bad, and dangerous, basements.

EP05: Super Structures

How does a home’s structure become a Super Structure? When Mike Holmes supersizes his renovation rescue. Whether it’s designed to withstand an earthquake, a hurricane, or simply keep the roof from caving in, Mike recalls some of the best and biggest structural challenges he and his crew ever took on.

EP06: Shockingly Bad

Mike Holmes blows a fuse when he reviews some of the homes with the worst electrical he's ever seen. Live wires hidden in walls, overloaded circuits, hidden junctions, and even electrical lines running beside gas lines --- all disasters waiting to happen.

EP07: Down The Drain

Plumbing in a home is rarely complicated but if it isn’t done right it will always be costly.  From clogged drains to frozen or leaky pipes, Mike Holmes reviews some of the best reasons a good plumber matters and how some of the homeowners he helped learned the hard way...

EP08: Something Completely Different

After more than 100 episodes of Holmes on Homes, Mike Holmes may have seen it all… all kinds of homes, all kinds of issues and all kinds of people.  He’s learned to always be prepared for the unexpected. But in some cases, no amount of groundwork could have prepared him for what he found and what he had to do to Make It Right®.

EP09: Emotional Rescues

In this episode, Holmes is where the heart is as Mike Holmes looks back at some of the projects that touched him the deepest.  These stories are as much about restoring lives as they are about construction. From homes destroyed by fire to those that needed to be torn down, Mike recalls the stories and homeowners who help push Mike to do what he does best - Make It Right®.

EP10: Fiddling on the Roof

Never let a bad contractor fiddle with your home’s roof. That's the message of this episode as Mike Holmes recalls some of the best examples of the worst roofing he's ever seen.  All of the roofing problems that were clearly over other contractors' heads.

EP11: The Great Outdoors

How can you make the outdoors Great?  Call in Mike Holmes.  In this episode, Mike recalls some of the best examples of how front yard, side yard or back yard disasters need as much blood, tears and sweat to fix as any other part of the home.

EP12: The Unflushables

Next to kitchens, bathrooms are the most common renovation in a home.  But for such a small room, the stakes are huge!  In this episode, Mike Holmes looks back at some bathroom renovations that went horribly wrong and how far he had to go to Make It Right®.

EP13: All In a Day’s Work

What other crew works as hard and has pulled off as many miracle repairs than Mike Holmes and his crew? Those who work hard deserve to play hard, and Mike’s crew reminds us that you can Make It Right® and have fun at the same time. Whether it’s breaking the tension by cracking a joke or finding creative uses for building materials, Mike shares some of the most memorable crew antics that will keep you smiling.